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About Us

Our Vision

Project Management is one of the most critical skills for every successful business. Every project is unique and a successful project delivery is more than just building a great product with great features. As a company, we deliver projects with speed, quality and value to all our Clients.

More than 70% of the projects fail due to wrong expectations of the stakeholders and incompetent communication skills. Companies often develop a great product but not what the stakeholders would really want. Investing in good project management principles and skills is critical for long term success of the organisation.

It is unfortunate that often scope creep, cost over-run and deadlocks are common reasons for project failures yet we see that happening again and again. We believe that Project Management is more than just principles. It is about putting theories to practice. If you have answered yes to any of these questions below, we can help.

  • Are your projects delayed?
  • Are your stakeholders unhappy?
  • Do you want to move to Agile?
  • Do you have project scope creep?
  • Are you struggling with project estimation?

We are consistent in our communication which is critical for transparency. That is why we have our old clients coming back to us with more projects. We prefer to deliver in sprints – as quickly and as often as possible. We have been told by most of our clients that the best value that they get out of our service is the ability to see the product being developed as we do. We have Certified Scrum Product Owners as part of our team.

Our History


Our Clients

AriConnects is an established UK company. Since 2010, AriConnects has helped a wide range of organisations complete and manage their projects. We work with clients – big and small – around the world to help them achieve better social, environmental and economic outcomes through consultancy services.

Our clients include corporations, community organisations and social enterprise. We also serve governmental, multilateral and bilateral organisations. With them we have created and delivered programs that have impacted countless organisations and many people’s lives.